How much does a website cost is a question I’m often asked. There are services out there that offer fixed price websites but these tend to be template based with minimal customisation and add on charges for extra pages and features should you require them. The price of a website can range from anything from £200 up to £10,000 depending on your requirements (stats based on this report by

The Macaroni Media strap-line is “Making Stylish Tailored Websites Affordable”. The key word here is tailored because we treat every project as unique and therefore we design everything to requirement. As such fixed price websites are not something we are able to offer. However, by heavily customising and building on pre-built solutions we are able to speed up the development process and thus keep our bespoke websites affordable.

Average Cost

£595 – £795 Design and Build (inc 6 months Support)

Hosting : £15pcm

I realise not having a clear set price on the front page of the website can put some people off but if I may use an analogy. If someone asked a boiler engineer how much will it cost to fit a new boiler you would expect the engineer would need to ask some questions in order to give an accurate quote. How big is your house? How many bathrooms? Gas or Electric? Combi or Condenser? Because there really is no universal cost when it comes to fitting a new boiler, likewise with building a new website. How big is the website? What functionality do you need? E commerce? Scheduling system? Etc…

If you are interested in developing an online presence but are not sure how much it could cost you then the best thing to do would be to get in touch for a fully costed quote!